As an artist, people expect you to live a good life. However, this is not always possible especially if you are not making enough. Here are10 great money saving tips to help you survive as a starving artist in San Diego:

  1. Learn to live comfortably below the poverty line

Train yourself on ways of living without life’s excesses. You will have excess at times and at other times, you will not have anything.

Live a life that will allow you to remain comfortable whether you have too much or too little.

  1. Save

As an artist, there are times that you will earn a lot of money and at other times, you will not earn anything. When you earn a good amount, save; you can use it when you do not have a source of income.

  1. Avoid using a credit card

If you do not have the amount you need to buy an item, do not use a credit card to buy it. The only time you can use a credit card is when you do not have the money to buy a basic necessity like food.

  1. Mindyour spending

Note down the amount you spend every day, and then look for ways you can cut down your spending. If you are used to driving, check how much you would save if you traveled using public means.

If you were used to eating out, check how much you would save by cooking your own meals.

  1. Look for another source of income

Instead of relying on your earning as an artist, look for another source of income. Get a part-time job to supplement your income and use this amount to cater for some of your needs.

  1. Avoid alcohol

Instead of taking alcohol, look for another pass time that will not mean spending money. The money you used to spend on alcohol can be used to cater for your other needs.

  1. Look for other fun activities

Being a starving artist in San Diego does not mean that your life should be boring. Look for other fun activities that you can spend your time on.

  1. Get into cloth swapping

There are some of your friends who have clothes they no longer need. You can invite them over and exchange with stuff that you no longer need.

  1. Family planning

As an artist, you have to be very careful about your spending. If you can only manage to bring up one child, do not give birth to seven.

  1. Eat carbohydrates

Carbohydrates will allow you to stay for a longer time without feeling hungry. This means you will spend less on food, yet you will be full for longer.

Tough times will not last for long if you are able to reorganize your life and only buy what you can comfortably afford.