It is exciting to sit back and watch a movie, the twists, the turns, and the suspense will make you want to keep watching.

As a San Diego artist, how does it feel if you were watching your own movie?

Here is a simplified procedure on how you can make an amateur movie:

Get a camera

This is the most essential requirement when creating a movie. Though you can use a cheap camera, it would be advisable to look for a camera that will produce a great movie.

A good camera will cost between $100 and $200 but you can go for a more expensive brand if you need great results.

Choose the location

The choice of location will depend on the type of film you will be making. You will need different scenes and the location should be convenient for the entire film.

Though most hotels will be hesitant to allow an amateur to shoot a film in their premises, it will not cost anything to ask around.

Get editing software

Since you are just an amateur, you need editing software that is easy to use. Look for editing software that will allow you to mix the sound, edit the shots, and in the end, add the credits.

The choice of program will depend on the machine you will be using as well as not all will be compatible.

Make your movie look and feel interesting

Remember that you need to create a movie that will be interesting enough for people to sit back and watch. Get the right shots, a great setting, and the proper lighting for your movie.

Those in your cast should dress based on the role they will be playing so that the movie can be an interesting watch.

There are multiple locations in San Diego where you can make a high-quality movie even as a beginner. You need to carry out thorough research such that it will be impossible for anyone to tell if the movie was made by an amateur artist.